Knowledge Officer People
Knowledge Officer People

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Enroll in the structured bootcamp to learn a tech career within 6 months.

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Corporate Training

Empower your remote workforce to learn what they need, when they need it.

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Accelerate your career in 4 areas

Knowledge Officer focuses on the most desirable industry skills, helping you to go from a complete novice to a hireable professional in a time frame that suits you best.

Guaranteed Job or Your Money Back

We find out what top companies require and incorporate it into your learning, helping you match what they need. When you are ready, you can start applying for jobs through our dedicated career partners. If you don’t get hired within 6 months after graduating from the program, we guarantee your money back. Invest in your future now.

Job Guarantee T&Cs
Job Guarantee

How you'll learn and progress

Experts Support
Experts Support

We offer a comprehensive learning experience that combines 3 unique components:

1- Online Content

You’ll be provided with a structured learning path with highly curated content that suits you self paced learning needs including tests and reviews.

2- Expert Support

In addition to the online content through the Knowledge Officer platform, we will conduct expert lead sessions Where you can enhance your learning experience, ask and interact.

3- Project-based Learning

Learn by doing and test your knowledge and skills working on practical case studies and real-world projects. Build a strong portfolio of projects that help showcase your skills.

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Learn from the top industry experts

Christoph Dargel
Christoph Dargel

Senior Product Manager

@ Maersk Technology

Patrick Penzo
Patrick Penzo

Product Marketing Manager

@ GoCardless

Jacques Marco
Jacques Marco

CEO & Co-founder

@ Raseedy

Omar Mansour
Omar Mansour

Co-Founder and CTO

@ Intella

Meet our mentors

What our Customers say ...

Walied ‘Willie’ Elamien

Platform Partnerships | Program Manager at Facebook

"After our experience with Knowledge Officer training our developer community, I can say they have a unique learning model and experience. The course completion rate we have witnessed with them beats world-class standards and we would be happy to work with them again in the near future"

Ahmed El Agha

Product Designer @ The Fit Foundry

“Knowledge Officer provided me with the skills, knowledge, and network I needed to make the jump to Product Management. Thanks to them, I was able to land the product role I wanted, before even completing the bootcamp.”

Karam El Hawary

Product Manager @ Wuzzuf

“Knowledge Officer is a professional learning tool that helped me achieve my career goals. The simple and organized platform provided a great learning experience. Talk about real-life examples with my mentors which all made for a really enjoyable and informative Bootcamp!”

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