Digital Pathways for Employment (DPE)

Your Inclusive Job-Readiness Platform that trains you on modern tools and skills required in the job market, then connects you with local and international hiring companies.

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Enroll in the structured bootcamp to learn a tech career within 6 months.

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Hire the most qualified and talented employees that complement your workforce needs.

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Why Join DPE?

Your career goal is our goal! By joining this program, you get to:

Jump Milestones

Jump Milestones:

Accelerate your learning experience by joining a 6-months job readiness training!


Meet Experts:

Understand the basics of your desired career path and gain hands-on experience from qualified mentors in your field.


Stand out:

Master the “job-ready” career skills with one of our esteemed partner companies.


Get Hired:

Enjoy the chance of connecting with our rich pool of hiring entities and partner companies.

Who is this program for?

To guarantee that you get the maximum benefit out of DPE’s learning experience, we carefully selected our eligibility criteria to include young graduates who are looking for decent work, if they have the following specifications:

- Egyptian Nationality
- Age: 20 to 26 years old
- Recent graduates from Egyptian public universities
- Graduates in majors relevant to the chosen track from DPE

Product Manager

Pick the Learning Track of your Choice

We offer you 6 different tracks of highly demanded jobs to choose from according to your preferences and previous academic background.

Sales Development Representative

Do you consider yourself a master of generating revenue? You don’t need to be! Start learning today and become an expert on closing deals!

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Frontend Developer

Would you like to be the hidden soldier behind every visual or interactive element that users engage with through their web browser?

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Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketer

Are you charmed by great content? Interested in becoming an expert in targeted ads and keeping your company in every conversation?

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UX/UI Designer

Do you love turning complex technical products into user-friendly interfaces that customers can understand?

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Mobile Developer

Do you like working in fast-paced industries and developing intriguing mobile applications that users love?

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Customer Success Representative

Do you believe that customer satisfaction is the key to a successful business? Learn how to exceed customers’ expectations!

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Explore learning methods that work for you

Each one of us learns differently! That’s why in DPE, we offer you various formats of learning to guarantee an all-inclusive learning experience


Self-paced Learning

Use our platform to learn at your own speed, wherever you are and whenever you like.


Collaborative Learning

Join forums and discussions with other learners to share your knowledge and work in teams.


Workshops & Sessions

Join Scheduled video sessions to benefit from classroom-style learning.


Practical Projects

Work on real-world assignments from actual situations in leading companies.

Mock Interview

Mock Interviews

Prepare for real job interviews and receive tailored feedback from our experts.


Job Placement

Land your dream job by getting connected with market-leading companies.

Meet our Trainers

Our learning tracks are created by a network of experienced trainers and industry experts who are eager to teach you the actual skills required in the job market in just a few months and with constant support and guidance throughout your journey.

Digital Marketing Mentors

Alaa Hatem
Alaa Hatem Linkedin Icon

Senior Product Manager

@ Maersk Technology

Mostafa Adel
Mostafa Adel Linkedin Icon

Growth Marketing Manager

@ MatsMall Group

Mohamed AbuKhadra
Mohamed AbuKhadra Linkedin Icon

Marketing Director MEA Eco-Development

@ Huawei Consumer Business Group

Ahmed Yehia
Ahmed Yehia Linkedin Icon

Ex-Marketing Manager

@ Kuwait Food company (Americana)

Khalid Mostafa Kamel
Khalid Mostafa Kamel Linkedin Icon

Marketing Director

@ Qoyod

Mohamed Elhellawy
Mohamed Elhellawy Linkedin Icon

Marketing Section Head

@ GAP Polymers

Mohammed ElSayed
Mohammed ElSayed Linkedin Icon

Growth Marketing Manager

@ Andela

UX/UI Design Mentors

Mariam El Shebokshy
Mariam El Shebokshy Linkedin Icon

UX consultant and Mentor, Co-founder

@ nxt.u

Ahmed Faris
Ahmed Faris Linkedin Icon

Senior UX & Product Designer

@ Magalix Corporation

Yasmine Amin
Yasmine Amin Linkedin Icon

Product designer, Founder & Chief Visionary

@ MentorWith

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Next You

Walk Through Your Program Timeline

This job-readiness program lasts for 6 months from start to finish; divided into 3 months of learning plus 3 months of training on the job.

  1. Phase 1

    Application & Selection

    Upon applying to your most preferred track, you go through a filtration phase.

  2. Phase 2

    Self-paced learning

    Once accepted, you get equipped with the knowledge you need to work on your skillset.

  3. Phase 3

    Real-world Experience

    You work with a team on developing a project! Then present it to a panel of mentors to receive feedback.

  4. Phase 4

    Job Fair

    You reach your goal by landing a job in your desired career path and becoming a highly valued employee.

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Enroll in the structured bootcamp to learn a tech career within 6 months.

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Hiring Partner

Hire the most qualified and talented employees that complement your workforce needs.

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